The initial visit is to discuss a client’s specific requirements. What inspires them and what are they preferred fabrics. Every lifestyle aspect and sartorial requirement is discussed.

The aim is to create a piece, which the individual feels completely comfortable with. It needs to be not only physically right for them but also suits their personality and of course achieves the most flattering silhouette for them.

Each bespoke piece is made in London with a handmade pattern being cut to each client’s specific


measurements and is hand-finished. No part of the process is overlooked, whether it be sourcing the exact size and colour button or dyeing a fabric to achieve the perfect tone.

The process involves 2 or 4 appointments, depending on the intricacies of the particular piece. For simpler cuts, 2 appointments are all that is required. 

From start to finish, the process takes 3 to 8 weeks, subject to the right fabric being available.