My aim is to create elegant, modern yet classic clothes for women.

The fabrics I use are natural and are manufactured in an ethical manner. They are sustainable and made to last. This, together with an understated elegance and attention to detail, conveys a feminine, graceful and discerning woman.

Every Bespoke piece is artisan and is created with one woman in mind. Our edited ‘Ready to wear’ line is crafted using the techniques of contemporary couture and tailoring. These clothes can stand the test of time and are the opposite of 'fast fashion'.

Although my designs are durable and made-to-last, the style and quality is never compromised. They are non-seasonal and classic.

The influences in my tailoring and my appreciation of textiles and finish, passion for colour and texture derive from my Baltic and Nordic roots. It represents and demonstrates a purity, honesty and integrity of natural shapes and colours.


Baiba Tole